viernes, 6 de diciembre de 2013

Discover Emporio Armani Jakal collection

Discover Emporio Armani Jakal Collection by Luxottica

This surprisingly delicated and bright collection by the stricking name brings a flash of colour and light into the autumn-winter period. Its Its miner al-inspired hues feature the sophisticated lightness of rose, cream and honey beige, in contrast with deep shading of currant re - grey-green and black. It this skillial use of contrasting tonesthat turns clean lines into pure everyday elegance.

Emporio Armani - Jakal collection: Price  E.250,00

 There are four models dedicated to women. The first comes directly from the catwalk, and it includes only one lens and a jeweled arm decorated with Swarovski. The second is characterized by outer edges with enhanced thickness, while the third one has squared angles and a metallic frame. Finally, the design become hyper-elegant on the eyeglasses, that are slim and rectangular. -

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