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Tribute to Oscar De La Renta

A tribute to Oscar
Oscar de la Renta è stato un grande uomo e un grande designer americano , per oltre 5 decadi ha disegnato abiti di raffinata eleganza . Nel suo background l atelier Balenciaga a Madrid e quello di  Lanvin a Parigi.
Oscar de la Renta eyewear è stata lanciata in collaborazione con il marchio di lusso Linda Farrow
nella primavera/estate 2012

A tribute to Oscar de la Renta , who made the world infinitely more beautiful.
Fall Winter 2014/15 collection The eyewear collection is produced since 2012 in collaboration with Linda Farrow

some models from the currently season spottend during the Fashion Week
Nostalgically oversized sunglasses, adorned with enamel inlay around the lenses. The Stainless Steel frame hugs the lenses and sweeps down to meet a mid-frame wire bridge. The mid-frame attached temples feature a unique rounded 'gold capped' detail, complimenting with a contrasting edge
Price E. 310,00

Oversized 'D-frame' style cat eye sunglasses, with semi-precious stone adorned temples. The cat eye shaped lenses are hugged by slim acetate ridges that sweep playfully to a mid-frame bridge and thicken slightly at the corners. The temples are formed of angular semi-precious stones and tipped with acetate for added comfort
Euro 500,00
Oversized Cat-Eye sunglasses // ODLR52
Slim cat eye sunglasses, with Oscar de la Renta's signature pattern lased cut into the temples. The cat eye shaped lenses are hugged by slim acetate ridges that sweep down to a mid-frame bridge. The temples are formed of stainless steel and tipped with acetate for added comfort.
Gafas de sol redondas
Oversized round sunglasses, with unique rounded 'gold capped' temples. The acetate ridges make-up the face of the glasses, encasing the square lenses and sweeping elegantly to meet a mid-frame bridge. The glasses are finished with the 'Oscar de la Renta' and 'Linda Farrow Collaborations' logos, printed on the inverted side of the temple. Price E.290,00


Oscar de la Renta fue un gran hombre y un gran diseñador estadounidense desde hace más de 5 décadas ha diseñado ropa de refinada elegancia. Su formación en el taller de Balenciaga en Madrid y la de Lanvin en París.
Oscar de la Renta  en 2012 empenzo su colaboración con la marca de lujo Linda Farrow por la colleciones de gafas


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