domingo, 19 de enero de 2014

Let s discover the Face à face Paris collection in Opti Munchen2014

Face à face designers are Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth.They are truly respected in the world of the eyewear Their design is unique and beautiful . Face à Face is known for its daring shapes and innovative colors.Here the new collection presented in Opti Munich 2014.
They look elegant and unique.

Also some celebrities appreciate the beauty of Face à Face design. Sara Jessica Parker and Chris North wore Face à Face spectacles in The Sex and the City movie, and Jude Law sported them in The Holiday

elgant and modern designs, refined details, superb acetate combinations..Discover the new collection

Face à Face designs diffuse audacity, glamour, a charming and pleasant, relaxed elegance, as well as a positive, altruist energy.
Signs of their time, the Face à Face collections reveal the individual personality of their wearer. The glasses become a narcissistic object that underlines its wearer’s personality and makes it unforgettable.

La collezione 2014 ha un forte temperamento, è dall arte moderna dalle sue forme geometriche e dai colori contrastanti e dalla Street art che i designer di Face à Face Pascal Jaulant e Nadine Roth hanno tratto ispirazione per questa nuova collezione-
Montature Bold ed oversized, bi-color , con aste in contrasto, sfumature e degradè caratterizzano questa collezione

Which color you like the most?

Vers laquelle de ces deux couleur va votre préférence?


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