jueves, 16 de enero de 2014




The straight cut concept is inspired by authentic aviator goggles By reinterpreting these goggles both technically and aesthetically,
Introduced during New York Fashion Week, the G-Star Eyewear collection is now also available in stores across the globe. G-Star sunglasses are characterized by ‘straight cut lenses’, an authentic design element that creates a unique statement in the world of eyewear of today.
The frames of the G-Star Eyewear collection for both men and women are based on classic styles, but are reworked in different colours of premium acetate and steel for a modern feel. The first G-Star Eyewear collection offers a variety of models, including the Metal Snipper, inspired by a classic aviator design, the square shaped Fat Dexter, and the contemporary and round shaped Fat Wilton. Frame colours range from black, grey, Havana and navy to silver, gunmetal and satin with lenses in blue, green and brown.

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