martes, 17 de diciembre de 2013

Gold & Gold Its Christmas Eve 's !!

Talk is silver, but silence is GOLDEN ...Follow your instinct and find your inspiration in these preciouses shades

The talented brothers behind the Retrosuperfuture  brand release the first offering from their upcoming “Motorpsycho” Spring/Summer 2014 collection — “an eccentric ode to liberty and rebellion, that traces its origins back to the 70s with the emergence of psychedelia, biker culture and spiritual madness,” explains SUPER. The Milan-based label crafts some of the better eyewear out there, all handmade in Italy and designed in-house — this latest pair of aviators dubbed the Full Metal collection.t
The golden touch “Léon”  switch the normally thin bridge of an aviator with a thicker brushed-metal plate, finished off with a marijuana leaf stamping in the middle. You know, for psychedelia and spiritual madness and all that. Get the pre-release Full Metal sunglasses for about $300 (€219) each starting December 20th.

The “Byzantine” part of the collection is especially chic and luxurious and gives us a better understanding of the rich Italian culture. Since the key accent in the collection was made on the religious theme, it was also reflected in the accessories line, which received a special attention from the designers’ side. The appealing pendants, earrings and beautiful sunglasses were overloaded with the sophisticated details

 A-Morir by Kerin Rose -Gold Heart
Best Vintage
Golden Gun Sunglasses
Jeremy Scott & Linda Farrow
Crafted of nickel and silver, the frames are gold-plated and feature a M16-like machine guns on the temple design, all paired with brown lenses. Subtle, as could be expected from the refrained design duo. If you think you can pull these off, find them  for $415.

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